CD*NY members in good standing: vote for your five favorite dances from this season’s frequent selections and our repertoire list. Winning dances will make up the Gotham Assembly program on Tuesday, June 6. Mark your five favorites below. You can also mark a paper ballot and deposit it at the Tuesday dance. Last day to vote in person is Tuesday, May 30. Online ballots will be accepted until Thursday, June 1.

* 1. Please enter your five favorite choices below.

  I choose:
An Early Frost (Philippe Callens)
Apley House
Apollo’s Hunt (Gary Roodman) 
Auretti's Dutch Skipper
Autumn in Amherst (Philippe Callens) 
Bar a Bar
Barbarini’s Tambourine
Bare Necessities (Pat Shaw)
Belgia Retrieved
The Bishop
Black Bess
Bloomsbury Market
The Bonny Cuckoo (Gail Ticknor)
Bonny Grey Ey'd Morn
Braes of Dornach
Bryon's Boutade
Chocolate Round O (Fried Herman)
Christina (Naomi Alexander)
Corelli's Maggot (John and Catherine Millar)
Cross My Heart (Jenna Simpson)
Dick's Maggot
Draper’s Gardens
Duke of Kent's Waltz
Easter Morn (Erna Lynn Bogue) 
Easter Thursday 
Elizabeth (Colin Hume) 
Elverton Grove 
Excuse Me
Fair and Softly
The Fandango 
Fenterlarick (Joyce Walker)
The First Lady (Loretta Holtz)
Flixton House (Brian Wedgbury)
Flora and Phaon
Gathering Peascods 
Geud Man of Ballangigh
Halsway's Sicilian (Pat Shaw)
Hambleton’s Round O 
A Health to All Honest Men
Helene's Night Out (Claudio Buchwald)
Highland Lilt
The Hole in the Wall 
The Homecoming (Gary Roodman) 
Honeysuckle Cottage (Gary Roodman)
The Hop Ground
Hudson Barn (Charles Hammond and Jacqueline Schwab) 
Hunsdon House
In the Bleak Midwinter (Robin Hayden)
Indian Summer (Elizabeth Goossen)
The Introduction (Fried Herman)
Jack’s Health
Jacob Hall’s Jig
Jovial Beggars
Joy After Sorrow
Kelsterne Gardens
Key to the Cellar (Jenny Beer)
Kneeland Romp (Gary Roodman)
Knives and Forks
Knole Park
The Lass of Richmond Hill (A.J. Blackwell)
Leah’s Waltz (Fried Herman)
Leather Lake House
Leslie's Valentine (Scott Higgs)
Levi Jackson Rag (Pat Shaw)
Lilli Burlero
Long Odds
Mad Robin 
Manage the Miser
Margaret’s Waltz (Pat Shaw)
Mary K (Gary Roodman)
Michael and All Angels (Fried Herman)
Miss De Jersey’s Memorial (Pat Shaw)
Mister Beveridge's Maggot
Mister Isaac’s Maggot
Mount Hills
Mutual Love
Mylecharane (Fried Herman)
A New Beginning (Gary Roodman)
Nottingham Swing
Old Wife Behind the Fire
Orleans Baffled
Peace be with You (Fried Herman)
Phoenix Rejuvenated (Pat Shaw)
Potter's Wheel (Chris Sackett & Brooke Friendly)
Prince William
The Pursuit
Rafe’s Waltz (Victor Skowronski)
The Rakes of Rochester
Ramsgate Assembly
Red House
Room for Ramblers
Rose of Sharon (Fried Herman)
Round About Our Coal Fire
Safe Haven (Orly Krasner)
Saint Margaret's Hill
Sapphire Sea (Christine Robb)
Scotch Cap 
The Severn Bore (Fried Herman)
Siege of Limerick
Sir Watkin’s Jigg
Smithy Hill (Tom Cook)
Spring in Sebastopol (Philippe Callens)
Stepping Stones (Tom Cook)
Sun Assembly
Take a Dance
Treasure of the Big Woods (Joseph Pimentel)
Trip to Greene (Gary Roodman)
A Trip to Margate
Up with Aily
Wa is Me, What Mun I Do?
Well Hall
When Laura Smiles (Orly Krasner)
Wibsey Roundabout (Gary Roodman)
Winter Waltz (Fried Herman)
Wooden Shoes
Woodstock Park
Zephyrs and Flora
Zither Man (Colin Wallace)
The Gotham Assembly will be held from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday June 6 at the Church of the Village, 201 W. 13th Street near Seventh Avenue, NYC.

See you there!