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* 7. The following questions can be found on the conference website and represent questions that are being posed for reconsideration, thought, and dialogue.

* How can we rethink our organizational structures so we work smarter in tough economic times, meet the needs of a rapidly changing student body, and keep our faculty colleagues up to speed -- all without sacrificing those aspects of the academy we hold most dear?

* How do we create, assess, and disseminate world-class faculty and organizational development programs?

* How can we foster collaboration at nationwide levels, as well as in our own departments and across professional organizations?

* How do we best teach, develop, and support the next generation of faculty and faculty developers?

* How can we help faculty members engage their students and institutions, and, maybe more importantly, how do we engage with the myriad stakeholders who influence and affect the work we do, including students, faculty, administrators, policy makers, and the general public?

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How do you see this experience affecting your professional work as a member in your higher education institution to promote diversity, minority partnerships, and collaboration?