Questions for Prospective Candidates for the Board of Directors Friends of Wakulla Springs State Park

1.Briefly describe your historical connection to Wakulla Springs and the Park.
2.Do you feel you have a good sense of the various goals and activities of the Friends or would you like to have more briefing time with current members?
3.What, and to what extent, are your motivations for participation?
4.Please provide us with a bit of your educational, professional and avocational interests and background.
5.Can you identify some interest areas, both general or specific, in which you would want to contribute? Examples- administrative support, e.g. financial management and investing, legal, biological research, publicity and other communications, hydrological understandings, historical or biological understanding, facilities or boat maintenance, political advocacy, and the list goes on. Don’t select from the above, but please help us define your interests.
6.Recognizing fully that we all are engaged in competing time and distance responsibilities, please assess your ability to contribute time, energy, and skills to the ongoing work of the Board.
7.Are you on other boards or do you engaged in other civic activities that might conflict with, or complement, your ability to publicly advocate for the goals of our board?
8.Have you been sufficiently briefed on the purposes, goals and processes of the board to the extent that you could commit to partner with us or do you feel you would need a bit more time and information about our purposes?
9.Do you have any business, family, or political obligations that you sense may, from time to time, impede your ability to be an independent advocate for Wakulla Springs State Park? Simply describe any. We all have limitations.
10.Would you like to further engage in a private or small group discussion about any of the above questions, or pose a few of your own to current members, so that you might better evaluate your interest and ability to contribute to our Board? How can we assist you in further evaluating this “opportunity”?

Please visit to read our by-laws and Code of Ethics.