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* 1. How many miles did you bike during Bike to Work Week (May 14-18, 2012)?

* 2. How many days did you ride your bike during Bike Week?

* 3. How were the conditions of your ride (safety, comfort, traffic conditions), on average?

* 4. How would you suggest we improve our Bike to Work Week event next year?

* 5. Do you have any fun or interesting anecdotes or stories from your bike rides during Bike to Work week? If you give us a good story, we'll publish them on our blog, gmtma.wordpress.com.

* 6. Thank you for participating in Bike to Work Week 2012! Now that you've logged your miles and completed this survey, you will be automatically entered in our prize giveaway! If you have any other comments or thoughts, we'd love to hear them.