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1. Increasing staff knowledge of specific topics

  No Need Low Need High Need
Youth Leadership
Adolescent Development
Mental Health
Eating Disorders
Violence Prevention
Intimate Partner Violence
Teen/Adult Sexuality
Pregnancy Prevention/Family Planning
Gender and Sexual Identity

2. Program Methods and Strategies

  No Need Low Need High Need
One-on-one counseling
Planning and facilitation
Involving youth in program planning
Facilitating support groups/youth groups
Street interventions/outreach
Peer education programs
Mentoring programs
Recruiting and supervising volunteers
Social marketing

3. Buildings Skills for Successful Programs

  No Need Low Need High Need
Needs and assets assessments
Grant writing
Surveys and focus groups
Writing and evaluating program objectives

4. Organizing and Working with Communities

  No Need Low Need High Need
Building and sustaining coalitions
Community organizing
Cultural competency
Media relations

5. What would be the maximum your organization could spend per person for a registration fee?

6. What additional barriers are problems (besides what you checked above) make it difficult for you or your staff to attend trainings/workshops?

7. What trainings/workshops have you attended within the last two years that you would highly recommend to others? Are there particular speakers with whom you are especially impressed?

8. What trainings/workshops can you or your agency provide to the other local agency staff? (Answering this does not commit you to provide training).

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9. Contact Information