Farm to School Survey

This survey asks you to identify Farm to School (F2S) activities that your organization or school is undertaking that enable and promote the three key elements of F2S:
·         Hands on Learning;
·         School and Community Connectedness;
·         Healthy Local Foods for School.

This is an initial survey that will gather basic information about what activities schools and other stakeholders are engaged in related to the three key areas of F2S, what they are looking to achieve with their F2S programs, what challenges they face, and what factors contribute to their success.

This survey will be complemented by in-depth interviews which will help to capture the lessons stakeholders have learned and provide nuanced and detailed information about how they are making their F2S activities successful.

Our research team will also be reviewing and summarizing F2S research and literature from around the globe.

The best practices this project identifies will form a data base that all stakeholders can access and utilize to expand their knowledge of F2S activities and inform their decisions when developing or enhancing activities and programs. Findings will be disseminated through knowledge mobilization activities that will further connect stakeholders and spread knowledge.

Information concerning how the survey will be used, privacy and confidentiality, and data storage
may be found in the information letter that was emailed.

For more details please see the Information Letter you received by email.

Please answer every question you are able to.

The survey should take approximately 25 minutes to complete. The results will be analyzed  and made available by December 2018.