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* 1. What program are you completing an evaluation on?

* 2. How did you hear about this program? Please check all appropriate answers.

* 3. What county are you from (state also if outside of Michigan)

* 4. What technology did you use to access this information?

* 5. Did you learned anything in tonight’s class that will help you to move away from using broad spectrum pesticide products to products specifically targeted for the pests you are trying to control?

* 6. From what you have learned from this class, do you plan to adopt any of the recommendations that will help you to manage any type of risks that may threaten your crop?

* 7. Rate your experience on 1 to 10 scale 1 poor 10 excellent in terms of did the class meet your educational objectives?

* 8. As a result of what you learned tonight, are you confident that it will help you to adopt the recommendations provided during the program?

* 9. Can you list up to 3 specific things that you learned and plan to put into practice after attending or viewing this class?

* 10. Did you learn anything from this class that will help you to improve yields, improve quality, or decrease your costs of production for the crops you grow?

* 11. What is your age group?

* 12. Extension needs to raise revenue to offset the cost of providing programs. What do you think is a fair value for what you have attended or viewed? (Please rate based on 2 per hours of instruction)

  Class attended Live Internet Broadcast Recorded Internet Broadcast
$25 or greater depending on the topic

* 13. What is your gender