Winter 2017 incorporated areas (cities) survey

Please note: Any information provided on this form constitutes a public record and may be subject to public disclosure.

* 1. What are the top 3 issues facing King County today?

* 2. The County is funded mainly through taxes and service charges.  If the County were to seek out additional revenue sources to maintain service levels or add services, which of the following sources should King County consider?

* 3. Does King County spend your money wisely?

* 4. If you self-haul garbage or recycling to a King County Transfer Station which one do you use?

* 5. What level of satisfaction do you have with King County Metro?

What is your overall opinion of your elected King County agencies and officials? Please rate your satisfaction on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest, for the following:

* 12. Please provide your contact information: