Dear Parents:

     We need your help to determine the effectiveness of school and district parental involvement activities.  The attached survey results will guide all Title I schools and the district in determining what activities to provide during the school year.

Please do not hesitate to make any appropriate comments at the end of the survey.  Your comments are just as valuable as your responses to our questions.  All responses are anonymous. ​

When is the survey due?
     Please complete ​the survey prior to Friday, ​September 1, 2017. 

What will be done with the results?
     The district parent involvement committee will review the results.  Shortly thereafter, each school will receive the results for their school and the district.  These results will likely be shared at your school’s advisory council meeting and will be shared at the district advisory council meeting in October.  Results will be included in the district comprehensive needs assessment and the district improvement plan and will help determine what parental involvement activities each school and district will provide during the 2017​-1​8​ school year. 

Levy County loves its parents and the students!  The district parental involvement team sincerely appreciates your input.


The Levy County School Board District Parent Involvement Committee​

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