Thank you for visiting our survey which is helping to make health services better for people in NSW who are living with an intellectual disability.
What is the survey about?
Have you recently been to see a health care provider (like a doctor or nurse or speech pathologist)?
We use the term ‘health care provider’ to refer to any type of person or service that is meant to be helping you with your health care.
We would love you to tell us about that health care visit by answering the questions in this survey.
In the survey questions we describe you as the health care consumer.
'A consumer' is someone who uses the help of a health care provider.
If you have someone to support you, we describe that person as your support person.
Can someone help me with my answers?

Yes, your support person can help you to answer the questions.

There is a place after each question for them to show that they have helped you.
The first 2 questions are a bit harder so you might need more help with those.

There is also a place at the end of this survey if your support person wants to add some comments of their own.

How can I get more information about whether to do the survey?
It’s a good idea to talk about this survey with someone you trust.
Someone you trust might help you to choose whether to do the survey or not.

You can also speak with the leader of this evaluation and ask him any questions you like. 
His name is Mr Lee Ridoutt.  Lee is from Human Capital Alliance

Human Capital Alliance is the company that is doing this evaluation research for the NSW Ministry of Health.
You can call Lee on  02  9380  8003.

What will happen to the information I give?

We will be writing a report about what people tell us in the survey.
What you tell us will be kept private.
No-one except the research team will know what you said in your survey answers.
We will keep your name private.

Remember, if you are having trouble answering a question, don’t worry!
You don’t have to answer every question.  You can just go on to the next one.
Ready to start?
If you are still not sure, click here to read the 'About our research' book again.
If you have decided to say yes to doing the survey, you can go to the first question below.
Giving us your answers will be a sign for us that you are happy to be involved.

Thank you for helping to make health care better in NSW for people living with intellectual disability!
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