Photo Sharing App Survey

We have the intention of developing an app that allows users to take pictures and send them to pre-selected groups via text or email so that you never have to worry about chasing down a digital copy of a picture you want again.

* 1. On Average, how often do you take photos using your native camera app?

* 2. On Average, how often do you take photos using other 3rd Party apps (like Snapchat or Instagram)?

* 3. What do you use more, 3rd Party Camera apps (like Snapchat or Instagram) or your native Camera app?

* 4. On Average, how often do you take photos during an event or outing with friends/family?

* 5. How important is it to you to receive a copy of photos that you were a part of?

* 6. How difficult do you find it to get the photos you want that have been taken by others on their phones?

* 7. How do you currently get pictures you want from others?

* 8. Would you be interested in an application that you could use to take a picture and automatically email or text it to the friends/family you are with at the time?

* 9. Where would you use such an application?

* 10. Would you be willing to pay this app?

* 11. What is your Age Group

* 12. What is your Gender

* 13. Interested in learning more? Leave your email below! Thanks!