1. Webinar Feedback

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Thank you for participating in our webinar on Community Engagement. Feedback from you about the webinar is helpful as we strive to make refinements in our Building Capacity webinar series.

* 1. What is your overall assessment of this webinar?

* 2. The webinar held my interest all the way through.

* 3. The webinar answered my questions on the topic.

* 4. The webinar gave me practical suggestions I can use right away.

* 5. The webinar broadened my thinking on the topic.

* 6. Do you anticipate using the webinar content to train or share with others in your organization?

* 7. Please identify two things that you plan to do differently as a result of participating in the webinar.

* 8. Is your position paid staff or volunteer? (choose one)

* 9. Which of these describes your position with the non-profit organization?

* 10. If other, please specify

* 11. I have been working in some ways with a non-profit for:

* 12. Have you used this webinar technology before?

* 13. Anything else? Feel free to give us whatever feedback you'd like. If we may contact you directly, please include your e-mail address and/or phone number.