Volunteer Grants support the work of local community organisations by enabling the inclusion of vulnerable people and providing supports to increase participation in volunteering.

Grants of between $1,000 and $5,000 are available to eligible not-for-profit community organisations to support the efforts of volunteers. For example through the purchase of small equipment to be used by volunteers or for the reimbursement of volunteer fuel, transport or training costs, or for promoting awareness and increasing participation in volunteering.

Each electorate has total funding pool of $132,450.

Further information can be found at https://www.communitygrants.gov.au/grants/volunteer-grants-activity-2021-volunteer-grants.

Your group must primarily operate in the Dobell electorate.
How to Apply
Complete the questions on the following pages to submit an expression of interest (EOI).

EOI's close at 5pm on Friday, 16/04/2021

EOI's will be assessed by the Dobell Consultation Committee, with successful groups notified by 29/04/2021.

Successful groups will then have to submit a formal application to the Department of Social Services by 9/6/2021.

Funding will be distributed in December 2021.
You can return to this form at any time to edit your application by using the same device you started it on.

If you have further questions, please contact my office on 02 4353 0127 or Emma.McBride.MP@aph.gov.au.
Individuals are no longer eligible to apply for a Volunteer Grant on behalf of an organisation that is not a legal entity. Should an ineligible organisation wish to apply, an eligible organisation (legal entity) will need to be nominated and apply on their behalf in an auspicing arrangement.
If this applies to you, please contact Emma.McBride.MP@aph.gov.au for assistance.
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