As we reflect on the events of the past few weeks, it becomes important to examine our own district and the policies and protocols we follow to keep our schools safe.  The purpose of this survey is a step towards understanding how we as a school community see ourselves in terms of what we do to balance the need of being secure with the need to be unencumbered by overly rigorous restrictions. 

Each community is different, some believe that schools should be open and welcoming and that security protocols should be kept to a minimum so that they do not serve as a constant fearful reminder to students of rare possibilities.  Others believe that not having the strictest security measures possible is a violation of the sacred trust to keep students safe at all costs.  Most communities fall somewhere in the middle of this continuum.  This survey is designed to help us understand where we fall as a community on that continuum so we can adjust our protocols to match.

The most effective security measures are those that tie in closely with a community’s beliefs and values; for when that happens, the community’s members will naturally work together to enforce them.  If the protocols are at odds with a community’s beliefs and values, they will be ineffective because people will actively try to undermine them.  Because of this, we ask you to please take the time to thoughtfully complete this survey.  It can be accessed through the link below; it will be available through March 16th and should be completed by parents, students and faculty members. 

Most Sincerely,
Layne W. Millington
Superintendent, OSSD

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