Register ASAP - Participate in CT Nonprofit Alliance Weeks at the Capitol - Week II - April 2016!

FINAL CALL FOR REGISTRATIONS!  For the tenth year, CT Nonprofit Alliance once again convenes one of our most widely recognized events: ‘CT Nonprofit Alliance Weeks at the Capitol’ during the 2016 Legislative Session, at the State Capitol/Legislative Office Building in Hartford.  Week I in February was a resounding success! This registrations process is for WEEK II, April 4-8, 2016 

Week II: April 4 – 8, 2016.
Due to the Waiting list from Week I, Registrations for Week II are almost filled!
This flagship event provides the opportunity for 100 organizations exhibiting over the course of two, week-long events, to collectively highlight the diversity and impact of work that nonprofits do to enhance the quality of life for all citizens of our state. It is a time to educate policy makers and the public, regarding the exceptional work of each individual organization, and their contributions to the collective impact of all. The events have grown each year, with ever-increasing engagement among the membership (resulting in waiting lists the past 5 years) and the Legislature - with a record number of attending, elected officials including Governor Malloy and Lieutenant Governor Wyman.

Participation in the event is provided as a valuable, exclusive benefit of your membership with CT Nonprofit Alliance – at no cost.

Due to the overwhelming response to Week I, which resulted in a waiting list for Week II, this invitation was previously distributed only to former CCPA member organizations, to assure that they had the opportunity to experience what has been one of CT Nonprofits’ flagship events for the past 9 years!  

The remaining registration opportunities are now open to any member of CT Nonprofit Alliance in good standing (who did not participate in Week I.) Please be sure to coordinate ONE response from your agency.   As always, each provider organization shall exhibit for one day only, during the course of the two week period. PLEASE RESPOND / REGISTER ASAP!  Please note that we anticipate the final registrations for Week II to be filled extremely quickly! 

Registrations will close as soon as all 50 spaces are reserved.  You will be notified via email regarding your status ASAP as we close out the remaining spaces. Your consideration is greatly appreciated, as a great deal of time and effort is involved re: developing the final 'roster.' 

(Please refer to email correspondence for additional information & expectations.)