* 1. Over the course of the last month, how many days a week have you been using public transit for your work commute?

* 2. What type of public transit are you using (select all that apply)?

* 3. Are you following the route we gave you? If not, please explain why and what you changed in the comment box.

* 4. How long is the walk to your transit boarding point?

* 5. How long is the walk to your final destination after de-boarding transit?

* 6. What are the biggest hurdles you have faced using public transit (select all that apply)?

* 7. What are the most significant benefits you have experienced (select all that apply)?

* 8. What new things do you appreciate about the system, that you were unaware of before using it (select all that apply)?

* 9. Will you be increasing the number of days you ride transit next month? If so, by how much? Why or Why Not?

* 10. Have you been using transit beyond the work day commute (i.e. to get to entertainment venues, games, doctor, etc.)?

* 11. What type of transit fare will you be using next month?

* 12. Do you need any form of assistance to continue participating in this program?

* 13. Tell us one of your most memorable experiences on the system!

* 14. Personal Information (Please use the same information you used to register for the Try & Ride program. This information will not be shared and will be compared to your Try & Ride profile to verify your participation).

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