The following are examples of questions which cover various topics in pharmacy informatics. Please choose a response which reflects your current ability to answer each question. The results of this survey will help us customize your rotation material and experience.

* 1. Describe what is CPOE?

* 2. List ways technology is incorporated into the medication use cycle.

* 3. Describe the function of an organization's CIO.

* 4. Define meaningful use and identify key required components

* 5. Construct a 'current state' flow diagram of a pharmacy system where you have previously worked.

* 6. Write and/or edit a simple HTML webpage.

* 7. Evaluate the impact of CDSS on alert fatigue, delays in care, and system performance.

* 8. Explain why a hospital should implement BCMA before CPOE or vice versa.

* 9. Summarize and assess the strengths and weaknesses of HL7.