Professional Development Areas of Focus

* 1. I need to build on my interactive skills with my students, in and outside the classroom.

* 2.  I require more instructions regarding Real-Life Application / Connectivity

* 3.  It would be helpful to attain the skills needed regarding class management and time management to assure an improved learning environment for my students.

* 4. I need new innovative and creative ideas to enhance critical thinking among my students through specialized questioning techniques.

* 5. I need more extensive training with my English language to improve my proficiency and communicative skills.

* 6. I need some helpful suggestions on Social Personal Development and the proper mannerism when dealing with disruptive or special needs students.

* 7. Preparation is the key to a successful lesson. It is a necessity for me to obtain training on how to effectively write a lesson plan.

* 8. Differentiation is imperative in today’s classrooms. I need and require the creative ideas and skills to implement differentiated instructional strategies toward my lessons for the benefit of all my students.

* 9. I require technology courses that would be helpful to increase my level of knowledge and skill level for technology integration in my lesson.

* 10. I need training on effectively assessing my students with formative and summative assessments