1. Independent Respite Workers

Peel Respite Services www.respiteservices.com is now entering in its tenth year of service to the Peel community.

CHAP Workers promote active living for children and adults with developmental disabilities including autism and/or physical disabilities in their own home or in the community, while providing parent relief. Workers registered with the CHAP Program are connected with families looking for support and relief.

Note: Workers on the registry are not employees of the CHAP/CDRCP Program and are considered self-employed.

During our many Full-Day orientation sessions we have requested feed-back from the independent respite workers. We have compiled this information and have addressed many of the training requests. This has been done through Child Development Resource Connection Peel and our community partners. At this time we would like to provide an opportunity to come together as a group. During this time we can share our experiences, resources and provide direction for future training opportunities.

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* 1. I would be interested in participating in an Independent Respite Workers Session?

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* 4. We are considering hosting a full-day symposium at a minimal cost to you. Please indicate if you would be interested?

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* 6. Any Further Suggestions or Comments

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