This is a mixed personality test developed to obtain validation data to determine someone's personality from analyzing their Twitter profile.

Please complete this test only if you are a Twitter user with at least ~100 Tweets.

Please answer the questions honestly and to the best of your abilities. All answers will remain private. Once sufficient data has been collected you will be mentioned in a Tweet with your personality results based on the analysis of your Twitter. If you would instead like an email copy of your results please specify otherwise below.

This test will take a maximum of 5 minutes

This is a very important project to me so please take it seriously

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1. Please State Your Twitter Name (ex: @danielmogilny)

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2. What is your gender?

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3. What is your age?

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4. Please select the answer that best applies

  Strongly Agree Slightly Agree Neutral Slightly Disagree Strongly Disagree
You are the life of the party
You are a very formal person
You show little concern for others
You are always well-prepared for any situation
You become easily stressed
You have a rich and diverse vocabulary
You don't like to talk a lot
You show interest in people and interaction
You tend to leave your belongings lying around
You are relaxed most the time
You have difficulty understanding abstract ideas
You feel comfortable around new people
You are judgmental
You pay close attention to details
You worry about things not worth worrying about
You have a vivid imagination