Like many organisations, QCOSS develops an Election Statement prior to each State election.  

Through the Election Statement, QCOSS will advocate to the incoming Queensland Government critical spending priorities and action that support QCOSS’ vision of eliminating poverty and disadvantage. 

In our Statement, we have also articulated ways of working that we see as being critical to support our State and our communities to be the best they can be.   We are also committed to set a number of key priorities and articulate specific requests for action.  This builds on the work we did for the 2017-18 Budget Statement and continues to highlight QCOSS' four priority areas of:
  • cost-of-living advocacy
  • sector capacity and capability building
  • citizen-led policy development
  • place-based activities
Our approach and the identified actions are based on the experiences and activities we undertake with our members and stakeholders throughout the year. 

A critical part of our process is the engagement with our members.  This survey provides the opportunity for our members to engage and comment on our Election Statement.  We are interested in hearing from members about:
  • the overall direction and approach of the Statement
  • which action you would choose from ones we have developed, and
  • are there any other actions we should consider? 

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