* 1. Which learning center are you enrolled in?

* 2. How many weeks of Microsoft Access have you studied?

The questions below will help to determine your Microsoft Access 2010 Level.
If necessary, complete the task to determine the best answer.

* 3. when I first launch Microsoft Access, 

* 4. To create a new Database, after launching you click

* 5. If you select 'Blank Database', you would enter information to create a

* 6. The Columns at the top of an Access Table are called

* 7. You can create a new Database by manually entering information or by importing from Microsoft Excel?

* 8. Which file types does Microsoft Access allow you to enter into a Table?

* 9. What are the Horizontal lines in a Microsoft Access Table called?

* 10. To create a Form, Query or Report in Microsoft Access, you must have a saved Table?

* 11. To create a Form, Query or Report, you access the 

* 12. In Microsoft Access, a Form is

* 13. In Microsoft Access, a Query is

* 14. In Microsoft Access, a Report is

* 15. For the next section, if you haven't already, launch Microsoft Access 2010 and complete the task. If you are able to complete, click 'Yes', if you are not able to complete the task, click 'No' and move to the next question!

* 16. Double click the "Blank Database" option

* 17. Enter the following into the Fields, "Name", "Age", "Occupation", "Hours of sleep", "Hours of Recreation"

* 18. Add the following into the Records: 
Under the Fields Name, Age, Occupation, Hours of Sleep, Hours of Recreation
Record 1: Ricardo, 25, Bartender, 9, 4
Record 2: Jonathan, 45, Lawyer, 6, 1
Record 3: Emily, 35, Waitress, 9, 5
Record 4: Kylie, 52, Teacher, 8, 0
Record 5: Carl, 36, Lawyer, 6, 2
Record 6: Robert, 29, Electrician, 7, 2

* 19. Save the Table as "Occupations"

* 20. Do a Filter to view those who sleep more then 8 hours.

* 21. Create a Form to view each of the records individually

* 22. Create and view a Simple Report from the 'Occupations' table 

* 23. Good job on the assessment, would you take this course again?

* 24. What is the next computer course you're interested in taking?

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