Survey of Previous Language Study

Please supply the information requested below. It is important that you provide us with accurate information about your language background, since this information will be used to determine your language placement. Your placement will in turn determine which course you are eligible to enroll in for the fall or spring, and possibly how much course credit you will be granted. Please note that this information will be compared with the official transcripts reported by your high school registrar (or other institution) when they become available. If discrepancies are detected between those records and what you report here, and those discrepancies affect your placement, you may be dropped from the course for which you have registered and enrolled in the correct course. Bottom line: be sure your responses are accurate.

* Last Name

* First Name

* Southwestern email user name (i.e., your Southwestern email address minus the "")

* What language did you study in High School?

* How many years of this language did you study?

* Did you take an AP or an IB exam in a language other than English? If so, which exam and which language? What score do you expect to get on the exam (your best guess)?

* Please provide any other details about your previous language experience you think are relevant. Also, if you are claiming an exemption to taking the placement exam, please specify here which one, as explained in the Advanced Placement and Credit website.