Post-Purchase Survey

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this quick 4 question survey. Once it is completed, you will be emailed by our marketing department with a 5% off coupon for your next purchase with Shop Floor Automations. The coupon code will not expire. 

* 1. How did you initially find Shop Floor Automations? Please select the appropriate answer.

* 2. What did you purchase from SFA? 

* 3. If you found us online, can you recall the words you put in the search bar to find us? If you did not find us online, just write N/A.

* 4. If you found us in a magazine ad, which magazine was it? If you did not find us in a magazine ad, just write N/A.

* 5. Please provide your name, company name and email address to receive a 5% off coupon code for completing this survey.