Library Telescope User Feedback

Thanks for taking this very brief survey.  Obviously, we hope you enjoyed the scope but would like feedback in any event so we can improve the program.  After taking the survey, if you have not already done so, please consider visiting the CAAS website: and sign up for our event newsletter.  Also, visit and learn how you can help promote natural dark skies in Arkansas.  Thanks. 

PS You might also visit and considering joining the dark-sky Arkansas Facebook Page. 

* 1. How many times have you checked out a Library Telescope?

* 2. Overall all how would you rate your experience with the library telescope?

* 3. Please briefly elaborate on your answer above, particularly if you chose item one.

* 4. Please share with us the objects you were able to observe.

* 5. Were there any objects you tried to observe but were not able to find?

* 6. What suggestions or recommendations do you have?

* 7. Can you suggest a good observing site for others to use?