1. Has blogging changed your journalism?

Thanks for helping to complete this short survey. No question is compulsory. Your contribution is anonymous, although feel free to email me in confidence at paul.bradshaw@bcu.ac.uk with any more details you feel may be of interest.

* 1. In what country do you work?

* 2. In what industry do you work? (Not medium - if you work on a newspaper website, the industry is 'newspapers', etc.)

* 3. What field(s)/sector(s) do you cover? (Tick as many as apply)

* 4. How long have you been blogging?

* 5. Has blogging changed how you approach the following?

  Not at all Slightly Quite a bit Enormously Completely
Story ideas and leads
Newsgathering process
News production process
Relationship with audience

* 6. If blogging has affected the way you generate ideas or leads please explain how

* 7. If blogging has affected the way you gather information for stories please explain how

* 8. If blogging has affected the way you write/produce stories please explain how

* 9. If blogging has affected the relationship you have with your audience please say how

* 10. How has blogging changed what happens after you produce a piece of journalism, if at all?

* 11. Finally, how do you feel your employers' attitude to staff and in-house blogs has changed during your employment, and why?