Field Test MAC’s NEW MI Learns Assessment– micro-credential style assessment courses 

MAC is developing a comprehensive set of courses, aligned to their foundational Assessment Literacy Standards (2015/2017). The courses focus on discrete assessment topics.  Courses are organized by Strands, and learners are asked to submit evidence resulting from assigned tasks. Tasks are constructed to permit the learner to apply knowledge and skills, and tasks represent the competencies and responsibilities educators encounter in their current context.   

Assessment expert reviewers evaluate the evidence, providing feedback and rendering reliable judgment about learner performance.  When proficiency is met, credit is awarded.  Learners work at their own pace – following the course suggested calendar for submission of evidence. We estimate learners will invest 15 – 20 hours to complete, submit, revise, and resubmit evidence to demonstrate proficiency. 

The field test begins 3.28.2019 and concludes 7.15.2019

This field test is entirely online, and the courses will be hosted at Michigan Virtual. 

There is no cost for access to content/course registration/subsequent awarding of credit

Applications will be received through May 1, 2019.   

Applications will be considered on a first come, first-served basis as well as a representation of interest across the four courses being tested, in order to ensure a sufficient pilot for each course. 

A Field Tester will… 

1.      Receive quality content, access to resources and assessment expertise

2.      Be eligible for 15-20 SCECH’s credit, pending completion of the corresponding micro credential requirements

3.      Receive six months access (at no cost) to a corresponding Assessment Learning Module

4.      Participate in the Field Test Webinar Launch March 2019 date TBD.

5.      Maintain a feedback log

6.      Complete an end of course evaluation

7.      Engage in a virtual focus group-style debrief (dates TBD)

For more information or questions contact: Kathy Dewsbury-White or 517.816.4520

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* 1. Please provide the contact and demographic data requested below:

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* 2. Have you taken any assessment or assessment related courses before?

Question Title

* 3. On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest, how would you rate your current assessment literacy?

1 5 10
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

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* 4. Four courses are available for field testing. Please rank order only those you are interested in field testing. The course title follows the course strand. (If accepted to field test, only one course will be assigned.)

  First Choice Second Choice Third Choice Fourth Choice Not interested at this time
Formative Assessment: Formative Feedback
Developing Balanced Assessment Systems: Use and Users of Assessment
Developing Appropriate Assessments: Developing Learning Targets
Developing Appropriate Assessments: Test Blueprint and Design

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* 5. What would you hope to get out of participating in this field test?

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* 6. By indicating yes to this question, I understand and agree to the terms of participation in the field test (3.14-7.15.2019) which include: participating in the launch webinar or watching the recorded version of the same, completing the course assignments and the feedback log, complete the end-of-course evaluation and participate in a virtual focus group.

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