NJB West San Jose strives to create a positive basketball experience to enrich the lives of its participants. We ask for your feedback on our coaches and our chapter to help us identify areas of improvement for the next season

If you have more than one child in the Chapter please complete the survey for each child.

We have had great success in distributing the tasks of running the chapter across many Board members, however we could use more help. Please consider stepping up for the next season. The most important attributes for Board members are communication, project planning and execution.

* 1. Please select the program your child participated in

* 2. Please indicate your child's gender

* 3. Please rate your coach

  Strongly Agree Agree umm.... Disagree Strongly Disagree
The coach is knowledgeable about basketball
Practices were organized, timely, motivating and productive
My child’s basketball skills have improved while playing under this coach
The coach did a good job teaching the fundamentals
The coach communicated well with the players and parents
The coach was a positive role model for my child and the players on the team
The coach provided adequate feedback to my child
The coach treated all players equally, fairly and respectfully
Would you be happy to have the same coach next season?

* 4. Without identifying specific coaches, what did you enjoy about the coaching this season and what could be improved. Please be specific and brief.

* 5. Please rate your off-court experience with the NJB -

  Worked well for me Needs improvement Not applicable
Website content/access
Communication from the chapter
Online registration
Registration night
All-Net evaluations
Division evaluations
Rookie evaluations
Team selection & balance
Gyms & practice times
Team roles

* 6. What did you enjoy about the season and what would you like to see improve?

* 7. Does your child plan on returning next season to the NJB West San Jose?

* 8. Would you like to be a coach next season

* 9. Please provide us your contact information if you are interested in serving on the board of the NJB West San Jose or being a coach