* 1. Topics:

E-learning professionals have requested the following topics for future symposiums and / or workshops. Please vote for your favorites by indicating your preference OR add and rank your own amazing idea in the next question!

  1 - Least Wanted 2 3 - Neutral 4 5 - Most Wanted
Authoring Tools (Captivate, Articulate, Lectora)
Accessibility: Creating Accessible Learning
Augmented Reality
Blended Learning
Case Studies from the Trenches
Cognitive Development / Neuroscience
Compliance & Certification
Content Collection
Distance Learning Challenges / Solutions
Emerging Technologies and Learning Models: What's Next?
Game Design
Generations: Designing for Different Generations
Global Audience Challenges / Solutions
Learning Management Systems
Learning Theory / Models
MOOCs & Their Impact
Mobile Considerations: Design / Development
Motivating Learners
Photography 101 to Create Your Own Custom Content
Project Management
Rapid E-Learning
Social Learning / Incorporating Social Media
Tin Can API / Standards

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If you know them personally and would like to make an introduction, please email: kwade@elearningcouncil.com.

* 4. What other suggestions / ideas can you share to improve the E-Learning Symposium or workshops? What other learning events or resources would provide value to you?

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