* 1. How knowledgeable are you about the Common Core Standards?

* 2. What types of Common Core resources are you interested in obtaining for your collection?

* 3. If the Common Core standards influence how you select materials for your collection, what features do you look for? For example, if you are looking for non fiction books, what features must be present in order for you to consider it a resource that supports  the Common Core?

* 4. When you order materials to support your school district, what influences your purchasing decisions?

* 5. Can you recommend any specific resources that help you with the ordering process as you look to support the Common Core standards?  Please be specific.

* 6. Can you list resources that you would recommend to others that are useful in supporting the Common Core.  Please list names of: websites, databases, print books, e-books, etc.

* 7. Please add any other thoughts or comments regarding your selection process and collection development policies as they relate to the Common Core.

* 8. What is your title?

* 9. Optional Information