Balonne Shire Council is currently undertaking a large roadworks programme in response to the February 2020 flood event.
Major roadworks such as this require a significant amount of water, and Balonne Shire Council would like to work constructively with landholders to identify those who are willing to share their water resources with Council, or simply provide access through their property, allowing Council to access a water source.
Council is happy to install and maintain any infrastructure necessary to facilitate this process and is looking to enter into an agreement with any willing landholders to ensure both parties are protected.
There have historically been informal arrangements in place with some landholders, however, it is important we have a much larger pool of landholders to draw water from and to also have those arrangements formally recognised.
If you are prepared to work with Balonne Shire Council to ensure we can move quickly and efficiently in the disaster recovery roadworks program, then Council would love to hear from you.
Please complete the following questionnaire, and a Council officer will be in touch to arrange in-person discussions for a proposed arrangement.
Council will always act in the best interest of landholders' enterprises and respect your rights as the property owner/lessee.

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* 1. Are you interested in supplying Council with water for infrastructure works?

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