Public input on a potential amendment to the master plan
(Comment period: June 11 to July 10, 2018)

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is proposing a change to the recreation portion of the 1979 master plan to allow the establishment of a 0.25-mile ATV/UTV trail across the property near the ranger station in Langlade. The short trail would provide a potential connection for ATV/UTV trails and routes east and west of the property. The ATV/UTV crossing of the Wolf River would occur on either: (1) a newly constructed bridge for snowmobiles and ATVs and UTVs next to the existing STH 64 bridge or (2) on a re-constructed STH 64 bridge that would include a lane for snowmobiles and ATVs and UTVs. The proposed amendment would also update the land management classification map and nomenclature and expand the Scenic Resources Management Area to include the entire Wolf River and Hunting River corridors within the property.

This form is intended to gather your ideas and perspectives about the proposed amendment to this property's master plan. You can review the amendment by visiting the DNR webpage ( and search: “Upper Wolf amendment”). Thank you for providing your input!

* 1. What proposed changes described in the amendment do you support? Why? (please be as specific as possible)

* 2. What proposed changes described in the amendment do you oppose? Why? (please be as specific as possible)

* 3. Are there portions of the proposed amendment that are confusing or unclear? If so, which parts and what changes would you suggest? (please be as specific as possible)

* 4. What other comments or suggestions would you like to share regarding the proposed amendment? (please be as specific as possible)

* 5. What is the Zip Code of your primary residence? (optional)