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Sweden Zebras Unite - Feedback survey

The Zebra movement started as a counter-movement from the existing unicorn startup and venture capital world. A culture that is profit-driven and gives very little space for sustainability. This movement wants to change that. Zebras Unite calls for a more ethical and inclusive corporate landscape.

The community is now building up in Sweden. Want to help us shape the future? Take 5 minutes to let us know more about your expectations from our movement.

You can find us on Linkedin ( and on Mighty Network (

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* 1. What kind of change do you want to see in today’s corporate landscape?

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* 2. How can today’s businesses and/or employers contribute better to people’s well-being?

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* 3. What would you like us to focus on as changemakers and sustainability professionals?

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* 4. Which of the following topics are the most important to you (maximum 3)

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* 5. Would you like to add anything? Leave you email if you want to get updates from our movement/hear from us/stay tuned!

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