This survey is designed to gather feedback about the JISD Gifted & Talented Program.  Please consider your student's previous experiences (May 2016 and earlier) as you answer the questions.

* 1. What is your level of satisfaction with the rigor of the G/T Program?

* 2. Do you believe your student has acquired creative thinking, problem solving, and critical thinking skills through the G/T program?

* 3. Have you received consistent communication in previous years regarding the G/T program?

* 4. Regarding the level of collaboration you have experienced, do you feel you are a partner with JISD in your student's G/T education?

* 5. How much has your G/T student been involved in the community through the Passport (G/T) program?

* 6. How would you rate the G/T program's level of investment in the community?

* 7. Regarding accessibility, how easy has it been to communicate and find information about the G/T program (including direct communication with the G/T Coordinator, G/T website, etc.)?

* 8. What involvement in the community would you like to see for your G/T student?

* 9. Please provide any additional feedback and comments here: