Study Information Sheet for Adults

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Study Title: Do You Teach About American Culture?
Principal Investigator/Researcher: Bryan Meadows, Ph.D.
Department/School: School of Education, Fairleigh Dickinson University

You must be 18 years or older to participate in this study. If you are not, please exit this survey now.

The purpose of this study is to survey how English language teachers represent American culture to their students in the classroom.

1. It is estimated that a convenience sample of 150-200 English language educators will participate in the study. You are being asked to complete a survey asking if and how you represent American culture to English language students in the classroom. The survey will take approximately 7-10 minutes.

2. Your participation is voluntary. You do not have to participate in this study. You also have the right to withdraw from this study any time before you submit your responses by exiting out of the website. Once your responses are submitted, the Principal Investigator (PI) will be unable to identify your specific responses. If you decide you do not want to participate, you will not lose any benefits for which you are entitled or be penalized.

3. Also, the PI will be interested in conducting interviews with selected survey participants. If you would like to be considered for a follow-up interview (to be conducted online), please leave your personal contact information at the end of the survey. Leaving your contact information is entirely optional. You may complete the survey without providing any personal contact information. By providing your contact information, you are giving consent to the primary researcher to contact you for the purposes of research.

Since you will be sharing information about your professional practice, it is assumed there are no risks to you greater than those you would experience in ordinary life.

There is no direct benefit to you from participating; however, it is hoped the knowledge gained will be of benefit to others in the teaching profession.

This survey does not collect information that identifies you. IP addresses are not recorded.