1. Win tickets to Bill Frisell 'The Great Flood' at the Moore Theatre, March 2, 8 p.m.

"The Great Flood is a film by Bill Morrison with music composed and performed by Bill Frisell.

Guitarist and composer Bill Frisell is widely hailed as a national treasure, and is uniquely qualified to create a suite of music drawing on the disparate origins of blues, folk and jazz, transforming them into mid-century rhythm based guitar music, and culminating in the progressive interpretations and experimentation of the form. The project will mark the third collaboration between Frisell and filmmaker Bill Morrison, who has worked with some of the most important composers of our time, including John Adams, Gavin Bryars, Henryk Gorecki, David Lang, Harry Partch, Steve Reich and Julia Wolfe.

Original music composed and performed by Bill Frisell with accompanying film and staging by Bill Morrison, the collaboration is based on the Mississippi River Flood of 1927 and the ensuing transformation of American society and music. Frisell’s wide-ranging musical palette uses elements of the vocabulary in American roots music, but as always, it is refracted through his own inimitable lens and filters to yield a highly personal and illuminating musical vision, with the overall objective of contributing to a journey of discovery for the audience.

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