1. Members, come and dream with us - Help to shape the FUTURE of the Lake Superior Zoo!

The Lake Superior Zoological Society will soon be embarking on a Master Planning process to develop a comprehensive strategy to renew the Lake Superior Zoo. As a member of the zoo, we invite you to participate in this quick question survey.

1. Do you visit the zoo's website?

2. Tell us what you like best about YOUR Zoo and why:

3. What are your three favorite animals that live at YOUR zoo and why?

4. In looking to the future, what NEW animals would you like to see at the Lake Superior Zoo? Please keep in mind our Northern climate and animales that are suited to our area. Limit your suggestions to three:

5. Please rate the following items as they apply to a recent zoo experience:

  Poor Good Average Above average Excellent N/A
Overall satisfaction
Value for membership price
Staff courtesy
Entertainment value
Educational experience
Tiger's Paw Gift Shop
Safari Cafe
Zoo Train
Zoo Education Programs

6. Have you experienced any inconvenience during a recent visit? Tell us what we can improve:

7. Please rate each of the following animal habitats and provide additional comments if you wish. If you are not familiar with a particular area please select N/A.

  Poor Good Average Above average Excellent N/A
Griggs Learning Center
Amur Tigers
Primate Conservation Center
Polar Shores
Snow Leopards
Kodiak Bears
African Lions
Australian Connection

8. Do you have additional thoughts that would relate to the future of the zoo and the Master Planning Process that you wish to share?