12th World Congress in Health Economics Boston, 8-11 July 2017

In the past decades, many Latin American countries have taken steps towards universal health care. Still, a considerable number of individuals remain without access either due to economic or geographic barriers. At the same time, LAC health systems are being increasingly challenged by epidemiological and demographic changes (higher prevalence of chronic diseases, aging populations), increased health care costs and weak incentives. In this context, more research and collaboration among scholars from LAC countries is needed to share insight from economic theory as well as from regional and international experiences, that may help inform health policy decisions and contribute to build stronger health systems.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together research economists working on LAC-related health issues in order to build a community of practice that may help promote quality research in health economics in LAC and contribute towards stronger health systems. The workshop is also directed at researchers from the international academia whose research could permeate LAC health issues or who may develop an interest if exposed to the region’s affairs.

We are currently accepting abstract submissions around issues such as health promotion and prevention, behavioral economics and health, provider competition, provider choice, mixed private-public health care systems, market regulation and incentives, human resources, mental health, national, social and private insurance, risk adjustment, high cost drugs, long term care, and policy evaluation and assessment. Research could be directly or indirectly related to Latin America’s health issues.  Both theoretical and empirical contributions are welcome.  

Relevant information
  • The workshop will take place on Saturday, July 8th 2017 at Boston University, Boston, MA, prior to IHEA’s World Congress.
  • Eight papers will be presented, each of which will have 25 minutes for presentation, followed by a 10 minute discussion by nominated discussants.
  • Rodrigo Soares from Columbia University will be giving the keynote talk.
  • The Latin American Development Bank (CAF) will provide airfare and accommodation (2 nights stay) for all presenters. Presenters will be expected to release their paper as part of CAF’s working papers series. If for some reason this would be a problem, exceptions might be considered.
Abstracts need to be submitted by January 30th, with decisions from the organizers by February 28th.

Scientific committee: Ana Balsa (Universidad de Montevideo), David Bishai (Johns Hopkins University), Dolores de la Mata (CAF), Jeffrey Harris (MIT), Rodrigo Soares (Columbia University), Patricia Triunfo (Universidad de la República).  

For any questions regarding this workshop please contact Ana Balsa (abalsa@um.edu.uy).

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