Family Caring Trust Facilitator Registration Form

Thank you for agreeing to be registered as a facilitator with the Family Caring Trust.

One of the reasons why the Family Caring Trust now wishes to register those facilitating our parenting, couple and young adult programmes is so that we can offer you more support and on-going professional development. Formal registration will also provide you with credibility with both the parents attending your courses and potential funders.

In terms of support we wish to begin listening more keenly to facilitators, advertising their programmes on our website and learning from them how things are working out - or not - on the ground. In terms of on-going professional development we are looking at organising regular conferences and making the presentations accessible to those who cannot easily attend in person.

None of this will be possible without a determined effort to get to know better those who are delivering our programmes. This registration scheme is the first step in that process.

Family Caring Trust has never believed in creating unnecessary structures and so we hope you will bear with us while we introduce this new registration scheme. The registration fee, though waived until January 1st 2016, will cover the additional administrative costs in maintaining a Register of Facilitators and providing that on-going support.

If you have any questions at all about this process or alternative qualifications that we might recognise please contact Elizabeth Davies by email:

* 1. Please register me as a facilitator of Family Caring Trust programmes

* 3. I have facilitated the following Family Caring Trust programmes

* 4. I have completed training as follows: (please tick one or more and provide details where required)

* 5. I agree in principle to pay an annual Registration Fee of £10/€10 (fees waived until 1st January 2017)

* 6. I am happy to provide copies (on request) of parent evaluations to assist Family Caring Trust to develop its evidence base

* 7. I am happy for my name, location and email address to be included in the Family Caring Trust's website list of registered facilitators

* 8. Please make any further comments here: