* 1. What do you think the primary function of the PTA is?

* 2. The PTA conducts various fundraising initiatives throughout the year to help provide meaningful grants to our schools and to assist in programs we maintain such as Arts in Education (assemblies).  Some of these fundraisers include coupon books, apparel, Display My Art, Harlem Wizards basketball game, Color Run, Adult Prize Party and our End of Year Fun Fair.  If given the opportunity, would you prefer to eliminate the aforementioned fundraisers and make a single donation at the beginning of the school year?

* 3. We have noticed a decrease in volunteerism in our organization in recent years for the events we maintain in the district.  If you happen to fall into that category, what is the primary reason that prevents you from assisting? 

* 4. In the past couple years, the PTA has streamlined its communications - we now have a Facebook page, new website, and a centralized email system where communications are sent on a weekly basis.  Which of the above do you primarily rely on for communications?

* 5. Do you feel the PTA communicates effectively its objectives and initiatives?

* 6. As you might know, the school administration decided to go completely green this year, i.e. flyers are no longer sent home and communications are sent electronically and posted on each of the school's document managers.  How often do you go on the school websites to view the document managers?

* 7. The PTA recently overhauled our lunch program and replaced with a single local caterer, where meals are cooked on site in our kitchens.  Now that the program has settled in, are you happy with the change and think this was an improvement to the district?

* 8. With the new lunch program, we changed ordering sessions to be shorter and more frequent throughout the year, i.e. 7 sessions now from 3 sessions previously.  This affords families more flexibility.  What is your preference for the lunch ordering frequency? 

* 9. Are there any items you'd like to see on the lunch menu that aren't offered now?  If so, please list below.

* 10. The Florham Park PTA is always looking to find ways to improve and help better serve the needs of our school community.  If you have any particular feedback not mentioned above, please feel free to share below.

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