The Hillsboro School District established a Technology Study Team in June 2012 to evaluate our current use of technology and create a plan for the future. Goals of the team are to ensure we have the infrastructure, tools, professional development, implementation plans, and communication channels in place to maximize both our efficiency as a system and our ability to enhance student achievement through the use of technology.

The team has been doing some research and visioning, and now needs help from our staff, students, and community members to help determine our current state in the areas of communication and instruction as they relate to technology.

Thank you very much for taking a few minutes to answer the following questions.

* 1. I am a…

* 2. How do you currently get information about your child’s school or the Hillsboro School District? (Please mark all that apply.)

* 3. What do you think is the most EFFECTIVE way to get information about your child’s school or the Hillsboro School District? (Please mark all that apply.)

* 4. Are there barriers to getting the information you need about your child’s school or the Hillsboro School District? (Please mark any/all that apply.)

* 5. How can we better utilize technology to communicate with you? (Please mark any/all that apply.)

For the following questions, if you don’t have school-age children, please answer in the way that best represents your situation or your values.

* 6. Do you have technology in the HOME that is accessible to your child/children?

* 7. What technology tools are you prepared/have you purchased for your child to use AT SCHOOL?

* 8. Are you willing to pay for the necessary devices for your child(ren) to have access to technology in school?

* 9. If you answered Depends on the cost, please indicate the cost range you would be comfortable with (if this was not your answer, please go directly to question 10).

* 10. How often does your child/do your children bring work home that requires technology for completion?

* 11. Would you like to see less or more of your child’s/children’s school work completed through or with technology?

* 12. How has your child described the current technology opportunities in school?

* 13. Do you feel as though students today are being sufficiently prepared for an increasingly technology-based future?

* 14. How would you prioritize the following list?

  Low priority Average priority High priority N/A
Increase access and use of technology in classrooms
Lower class size
Maintain equipment we currently have
Paper/pencil and textbook materials

* 15. What suggestions do you have for us as we continue to work in the area of technology integration?

Again, thank you very much for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. If you would like to have a conversation with one of our team leaders, please contact Beth Graser at or by phone at 503-844-1772.