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1. Confirmation of understanding your commitment as a mentor

All Mentor applicants must complete this form.

Please ensure that you already have the documents listed in the 1st question before completing this form (question below).
Email your documents to
A Mentor's Key Responsibilities:
  1. Monthly briefing meeting with the mentor manager
  2. Monthly individual meetings with your mentees (often via video call)
    • You will be provided with an easy-to-fill tracker to capture the content & outcomes of these mentorship sessions
  3. Monthly debriefing meeting with the mentor manager (sometimes as a group with other mentors)
  4. Adhoc availability to answer mentees advice queries via Whatsapp/text/email throughout the month
  5. Available for adhoc opportunity to report on your mentee’s progress to their bursary sponsor
    • These are often HR managers in your sector and could be an opportunity to earn job offers.
  6. Be an electronic liaison between your mentees and Excel@Uni (adhoc emails, WhatsApps, calls, etc)

We provide a basic stipend to cover transport/data/airtime costs of your participation, and require you to invest your attention, effort and time in order to reap the managerial-development benefits.

This is a learning process for all of us. Be as honest as possible, and take note of anything you don't understand on the form- to discuss it during the interview.

If you encounter any issues, contact the recruitment manager (contacts below);
Marilyn Joe

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* 1. Documents required before you start filling in the form.
Remember to email  your documents to-

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* 2. Where did you hear about this opportunity?

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* 3. Why are you interested in mentoring? The is no wrong answer, we want your honest motivation.
(drag the options below starting with the most accurate answer)

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* 4. Mentor Commitment

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* 5. How many students are you willing & able to mentor every month?

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* 6. Technology & Travel

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Do you have a laptop?
Do you have internet access?
Are you able to use Google Drive?
Are you able to use Google Meet?
Are you able to easily travel to meet mentee at (or near) the University?

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* 7. From which date are you able to start as a mentor?

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