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Greetings OER Liaisons and Local Academic Senate Presidents –
The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI) is distributing this survey to both Open Educational Resources (OER) Liaisons and Senate Presidents to ensure that both parties are aware of the survey and so that Senate Presidents at colleges that currently do not have a Liaison can either identify someone to complete the survey or complete it themselves. Please coordinate your efforts so that only one person fills out the survey. It is our hope that this information not only helps gather crucial data to further the OERI’s work, but also informs your local conversations, work, advocacy, and policies on supporting and growing the use of OER at your college.

In Fall 2018 we first gathered information pertaining to the local implementation of Senate Bill 1359 (Block, 2016), the legislation that mandated that colleges mark no-cost course sections in class schedules. It was our hope that schedule data could be used as a rough measure of the use of OER at the colleges. As it became clear that colleges were struggling with the implementation of the legislation, our survey questions were modified to explore the challenges associated with marking no-cost sections. In addition, we gathered general and specific information about the availability of no-cost sections.

This year we are renaming the survey and modifying its focus. Due to the introduction of the XB12 Instructional-Material-Cost section-level data element that will eventually provide no-cost section information and the initial implementation phases of the Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Program, the annual ASCCC Open Educational Resources Liaison Survey has been significantly revised to simplify its completion and to gather data related to these recent developments. If you would like to learn more about the ZTC Program, please see the OERI’s OER and ZTC page ( where we have been compiling ZTC Program information as it is made available. Please have one person at your college complete the survey no later than Monday, November 21, 2022.

If you have any questions about the survey, or need any assistance, please let us know. On behalf of the ASCCC OERI, we thank you for your time.

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