At Chef Nite Orlando You will be working with sharp knives that can cause serious damage if used in the wrong manner.

You will also be working with open fire on a butane operated stove. The Chef/ instructor will go over the proper procedure to operate these gas powered stoves.

As a patron of Chef Nite Orlando you will be exposed to potential hazardous food ( if you really cant cook you can get sick) if you do not follow the chefs instructions

If using a discount voucher you are subject to paying the mandatory food cost fee.( view calendar for food cost fee.)

Chef Nite Orlando 8pm group class is an Adult oriented Cooking expirience. You will engage in extreme laughter and awkard conversations, there is always a diverese crowd and language, jokes, conversation and music are approached with a very open mindset, so if you are easily offended are bringing negative vibes you are encouraged to stay home.

Thank you for coming out and enjoying Chef Nite Orlando.

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