Domestic (Private) Well testing Voucher Application

This is an application for a free well water testing voucher.
  • Vouchers are for domestic (private) wells in wildfire impacted areas.
  • Complete one application per residence.
  • Applicants from communities of color or low income will be prioritized if demand exceeds supply. 
Before beginning this application:
Complete the well damage assessment (optional)
Gather the following information (preferred but not required)
  • Well log ID
    • This is a combination of county name and numbers; for example, a well log in Marion County could be MARI-12345. You can find this number on the Oregon Water Resources Department website. (Tip using the website: click on "Find T-R-S by Address". Enter the property address and click "search".)
  • Well tag number
    • Wells build after 1996 should have a metal tag on or near the wellhead. (L-#####). If your well tag is missing or damaged or if a well tag has never been assigned, contact the Oregon Water Resources Department at 503-986-0584 to apply for one. 
  • Contact information for full-time tenants, if it is a rental property.
Once all information is gathered, this application should take about  10 minutes to complete. 

Questions? Email  

  • This is an application to receive a voucher for free well water quality testing.
  • Professional sample collection may be required, and fees will not be included in the value of the well test voucher.
  • Water quality test results will be shared with Oregon Health Authority and will be imported into our publicly available database. Public data is associated solely with a latitude and longitude. Any other personal information in this application will only be used for voucher tracking and distribution and will not be uploaded to our public database.