* 1. Please rank your favorite CYCLO X Venues from this past season. Assume the same weather and temperature for each course in your evaluation. Please rank each venue 1-8, #1 being your favorite, down to #8 being your least favorite.

  #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8
Flatirons Mall
Valmont Bike Park
Castlerock (Under the lights)
Westminster City Park
Louisville Rec Center
Boulder Reservoir (The Beach)

* 2. For those of you who have raced both the 2012 Sienna Lake Course and 2013 Westminster City Park Course which is your preferred venue? In the comment section please comment on the course, parking, registration, expo area etc. This info helps us make changes for 2014 as we rotate through course options.

* 3. Do you consider yourself at heart one of the following. Please pick one

* 4. When you're not racing cyclocross what other activities do you participate in? You can select more than one choice

* 5. With 8 events in the CYCLO X Series our mission is to keep racing affordable, but also ALWAYS allow for parents and athletes with hectic lives the option of race day registration. Please choose your first choice below when it comes to your racing lifestyle on how you'd like to register.

* 6. On average how many times do you race per cyclocross season? How many times do you prefer to race per weekend?

* 7. What did you love about the Shimano CYCLO X Series this season?

* 8. As we strive to continually improve season to season please let us know any suggestions you might have regarding; registration, course dynamics, series points, venues etc

* 9. If this was your first season racing cyclocross how did you hear about the CYCLO X Series and what drew you into cyclocross?

* 10. When it comes to choosing your race schedule please rank in order the factors that help you set up your season. #1 being the most important factor, down to #7 being the least important factor.

  #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
Date on the calendar
Type of Course
Travel Distance
CYCLO X Series point value
Live timing w/splits
Lively expo and large field sizes
Price of event