1. Survey Introduction

Morris Area Schools are successful largely due to involved families, dedicated staff, and supportive communities. To maintain this success, it is important to incorporate a system of community involvement within our schools. When adults from various aspects of our community volunteer their time and expertise to our school, they are helping create a climate which fosters achievement among our students. Volunteering is often an inexpensive way to meet the needs of our school, and adults who volunteer make an effective contribution to the value of education of our youth.

A goal of Morris Area Schools is to create a database of volunteers, including their areas of interest and contact information. This database would be accessible to all faculty and staff at our schools. With this in place, Morris Area faculty could ask for your help to make positive and unique opportunities available to the students in our community.

We would appreciate your time and effort in filling out this survey of your interests, areas of expertise, and hobbies.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sharon Martin at smartin@morris.k12.mn.us or at 589-4400.

Question Title

* 1. Contact Information

Question Title

* 2. Would you be willing to participate in coordinating or helping out with any of our extra- or co-curricular activities?