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This Human Resource (HR) survey focuses on the key areas within HR that represent risk for most organizations. These questions are designed to capture a snapshot of your processes and your philosophy toward HR Management as a function.  We focus on three layers: foundational, operational, and strategic.
  • Foundational: Ensuring a solid foundation will create building blocks for key HR functions.
  • Operational: Focusing on day-to-day HR functions and processes that help support your team.
  • Strategic: Creating a long-term vision for how you want your people operations to function in the future.
Together, these provide the framework for a successful workplace strategy.
OneDigital HR Consulting will contact you after you complete the survey to find a time to review our recommendations.  We'll schedule a 1 hour consultation to review strategic approaches to your biggest areas of risk and suggest opportunities to enhance your people operations. We look forward to sharing the results with you and your team.  
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