Sponsor Feedback

On behalf of the Forum Host Committee, we thank you for your generous Sponsorship! You are the foundation of the success of the annual BC Natural Resources Forum. In our dedicated effort to continue to improve the Forum, your experience, and exposure as a respected sponsor we are respectfully requesting your cooperation in providing your feedback. Your comments are vital to us in planning future events. All input is strictly confidential.

* 1. Did you receive the appropriate recognition for your level of sponsorship as outlined in our Sponsorship package and follow-up correspondence?

* 2. How would you rate the value received for the price of sponsorship paid, relative to other sponsorships you participate in?

* 3. What were your primary objectives for the event (general awareness, lead generation, networking) and did you meet your objectives?

* 4. Did the Forum structure provide enough time to interact and network with attendees?

* 5. Did you find value in the networking opportunities?

* 6. We have received suggestions that the Forum should and must remain non-partisan – is this an issue for your company or business?  If yes how important?

* 7. Were the attendees the right level of decision-makers for your products or services?

* 8. Did your Sponsorship meet your corporate or business goals?  If not, how can it be improved?

* 9. Would you be interested in a sponsorship opportunity that is currently not available?  If so, please describe the sponsorship, associated benefits, and suggested price.

* 10. Do you plan to participate as a sponsor again next year?

* 11. If you do not plan to sponsor again, please let us know why not.  Will you participate as a delegate?

* 12. Are there other topics you would be interested in, or speakers you would like to hear from next year?

* 13. How can we improve the event or your exposure and profile to enhance your experience as a sponsor?