Business Fights Poverty recently published a discussion paper on how to scale inclusive distribution networks that enhance economic opportunities in downstream value chains (http://snipbfp.org/2n5DJEj).  This was an output of our Challenge on Inclusive Distribution, supported by Citi Foundation.  The paper outlined three inclusive distribution models and eight key enablers to scale these models, and was intended to lay the foundation for further investigation and engagement. Thank you again to all those who provided input and expertise to ensure the paper was grounded in practical experience and business realities in a range of industries and geographies.

We are now in the process of scoping out a follow-up Challenge on Inclusive Distribution, which will focus on identifying concrete solutions, testing these in practice, and building partnerships to bring these models to scale. We would like to harness the collective intelligence of the Business Fights Poverty network to gather your suggestions and input on the next Challenge. We would also like to know more about you and how we can engage you more and in different ways, to ensure that we bring together the best minds to tackle the Challenge.

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Jessica Davis Pluess

Jessica Davis Pluess
Challenge Director
Business Fights Poverty